Week #25 – 100WC – Tiffany

“I bet my Freddy plushie,donuts and my pen that you will not be able to beat me in Fnaf 5!Golden freddy yelled

“That will be easy!”Freddy replied

“Let’s see about that!”Golden freddy said with confidence

Freddy gets Funtime Freddy to vibe with him

 “Hey That not fair”yelled Golden freddy

“Told you I would win!” said proudly Freddy

“Fine, I’ll give you my Freddy plushie,”said Golden freddy.

Golden freddy handed over Freddy a freddy plushie and the other items and picked up an axe and threw it at window by accident.

“Why did you break the window!?”asked Freddy

 “I don’t know why *starts laughing*”Golden ferddy said

“You know you have to pay for that’’said freddy

BUt i diDn’T mEan tO Hit it that hArD” said Golden freddy

“You still have to pay for that you know”

One thought on “Week #25 – 100WC – Tiffany”

  1. I really like the way you managed to express the fun your characters were having, although the multiple use of ‘freddy’ for various reasons I find confusing.

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