Week #25 – 100WC – Tania

Annoying super annoying little sister  , (more like my horrid little sister) .

“OUCH, do that again and i’ll hit you with a frying pan”I yelled 

“HAHA! You won’t” my little sister laughed back.

Running into the kitchen and getting the frying pan I snuck up on her more like “it”  (because it’s a horrid beast). 

I swung the frying pan in the air 


“Ouch,WAAAAAA!” My sister screamed

 I heard stomping oh,no it was mum, 

 “WHAT IS ALL THIS WHINING ABOUT!!!” mum screamed angrily.   

“What whining?” I asked nervously

  “Your Sister, Now what happened” 

 “SHE HIT ME!!!” the monster Whinnied 

 “GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!” Mum yelled “…but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard”…    “GO NOW” mum yelled again.

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