Week #25 – 100WC – Sofia

“Vroom vroom, went Mum’s car . 

It was Saturday and we were going to Hamilton to get Mum’s car fixed.

I loved going to Hamilton because we would either get macs or KFC

Or my mum will buy us clothes.

“Mum I said can we get McDonalds? I said yes, said my mum. 

But I want Subway said  Kiaan.

 We will get the subway when it is lunch time ok I sighed.

Bang! MUM!!! Oh know but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard” I know now we can not have our subway.

Dad Mum hit her car by a pole. Oh, he said we did not get hurt though.


One thought on “Week #25 – 100WC – Sofia”

  1. Hi Sofia! I really enjoyed reading your piece! One thing I loved was how you told the story of a family argument. Apparently, siblings who fight tend to be more close than ones who don’t! I can relate to your story, because I have an older sister and we fight a lot too. One thing I think you could improve on in the future is using 2 quotation marks instead of one, so people can tell when the talking stops.
    Happy writing, Carl in Illinois

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