Week #25 – 100WC – Lucas

So one day I was lying on my bed and then I saw a spaceship land in my backyard .

So when out and a anilan came out so I hit him on the face  and he had a purple mark on his face  

but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. I’m anilan ok but I’m gonna get food now.

Then I’m going to play  video games for the feast of the day.

 Wait what now your face is going colorful it is going rend pink purple green yellow orange. 

One thought on “Week #25 – 100WC – Lucas”

  1. Hi Lucas! This is Lucas (HA) from Illinois, U.S.A. I loved your piece! One thing I liked about it is that you had the idea of having a spaceship land in your yard! I also like how you wrote like a schedule! One thing I would recommend is that before you submit your piece, check your spelling. Yes, I know that maybe English (US) might be a new language, which is okay because I’m also learning a new language. When I’m talking about spelling, I mean when you said “Then I’m going to play video games for the feast of the day.”, you would want to say “Then I’m going to play video games for the rest of the day.” Overall, very good job! And yes, I did choose to pick your name because our names are the same!
    Happy writing,
    Lucas, Illinois

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