Week #25 – 100WC – Leo

While all I hear is drops of water hitting the ground and bridges swinging like monkeys. All that is happening is pain, there is no food and thousands of people are starving. I wanted to jump from the dock and drown but my weak legs stopped me from death and the love of my parent’s also stopped me. I tried to get on a bridge. When I got there I grabbed the rusted pocket knife out of my pocket and put the sharp knife end towards the ropes that are holding me up and I hit it  but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard…

One thought on “Week #25 – 100WC – Leo”

  1. Greetings from Australia Leo. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. Your text has a poetic quality to it. I wonder if the layout would be even better as a poem. You have deftly used a simile, and carefully chosen vocabulary. I think this is a strong piece of writing. Well done. 😊

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