Week #25 – 100WC – Cameron

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” I explained to the umpire, waving my hands out in unusual signals to clarify my point.  A boy at the age of 10 was lying on the ground next to the boundary, unconscious.  While the ball had flown through the air like an aeroplane, I had yelled and screamed, but I was too late.  The bowler had gone full pace and I had smacked it so hard that it went straight to the boys forehead.  Well, I guess now I thought with a lot of regret, I will be banned from the cricket team.

One thought on “Week #25 – 100WC – Cameron”

  1. Hi Cameron! I really enjoyed your story! One thing I really liked about it is that I could actually picture it in my head. Something I think you should watch out for is NTSSWTSW. A.k.a, ( No two sentences start with the same words). Happy writing! – Izzy from Illinois

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