WC100 Week #24 – Finn

Tears streamed down from my eyes. The only noise I could hear was my feet pounding on the rough ground. I never wanted to see my mother again. As I slowly came to a stop I sat down crying. As my eyes dried up and I couldn’t cry anymore I sat up. Then a loud howl pierced my ears. I stopped in my tracks as I realized what that ear piercing howl was coming from. It was from a wolf.  As I squinted my eyes I could make out wolf shapes. I turned to run only to see other wolves. I was scared out of my mind as they prowled closer, a big orange wolf sprang onto a boulder. I could see his muscles rippling, he was clearly an Alpha, meanwhile the wolves had closed in, circling me the orange one spoke first…

3 thoughts on “WC100 Week #24 – Finn”

  1. Hi Kerry,

    Awesome job – a brilliant piece!

    The way you use the prompt to finish off your piece with an element of suspense is brilliant! I also like your use of active verbs such as “I stopped” or “prowled” – these verbs really create an atmosphere of excitement or danger in the scene. Danger and excitement are what readers love so keep on creating that atmosphere to make sure the reader feels involved in the scene and wants to read on.

    Good stuff – keep on writing!

    Ed Miller
    Guernsey, Channel Islands.

  2. Hello Finn. I really like your story. I like how much detail is going on right now. I wasn’t expecting to have a wolf speak, so good cliffhanger. My class did this prompt, how did you like it? Good job 👍

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