100WC week #9 Xaveika

Max and I were weeding the garden minding our own business. Just then we saw a bee, So we decided to say hi to it.

I went up to touch it and then that’s when it hit me. A shook shivering down my body, feeling like I was getting smaller and smaller. “HEY MAX!!!!!” I shouted “huh? Oh harry is that you?!” max said “YES!” I said.

Just then max touched the bee and became small the bee started to die, “hey look I found a camera!” max said “cool!” I said we took a picture and grew back to normal…

100WC Week #2 Xaveika

 I was biking home after collecting food from my grandma. I was so hungry, so I started to bike faster and faster. But then I took a swerve. I was out of control! I flew off my bike and into the hay. When I got out of the hay I was covered! I snatched my bike and looked down to see all my food ruined! So I picked the food up and threw it in the rubbish and biked home slowly thinking ¨today is not my day¨ and when I got home I threw myself into bed and got a good sleep.

100WC – Week 1 – Xaveika

It was stormy and cold outside. I wanted to chase birds and hiss at dogs but the rain gradually kept going. I felt like I was dropping into a dark ocean but I was just quietly sitting there wondering if there would be an end to this rain. Just then I heard it… ¨SQUEAK¨ ¨What was that?!¨ I thought. ¨Could it be a mouse?¨ ¨It is!¨ I bolted towards the hole in the wall just then… I felt dizzy. I couldn’t think right. Gradually, things started to move… I blacked out and when I woke up the mouse was gone.