100WC – Week #1 – William

 And then gradually, things started to move as the earthquake struck. The bookshelves creaked, the drawers fell on to the floor with a violent bang. It felt like an hour but it was probably just a few minutes, until it finally stopped, and everything went dead quiet. Suddenly wailing sirens echoed in my ears as an arm grabbed my shoulder, I turn around and I see my mum’s worried face. “William come out to the front yard, your dad and brother are already there”. I run out into the front yard as a firetruck stops in front of our house.

100WC- Week #48 – William

I hear a deep rumble. I looked up and saw a tidal wave of thick white snow tumbling down towards me and then I feel something hit head and I see darkness.

When I wake up my vision is blurry. Me on a 2 metre long iceberg in the middle of the ocean.

My head is throbbing intensely so when I see a penguin I think I’m hallucinating because penguins are only in Antarctica. Wait, I’m in Antarctica!!. Thousands of Kilometres from my home. In the Arctic.

I must have been knocked out for days if I got this far.