100WC – Week #7 – Milah

I was riding my scooter on the smooth concrete. When i come upon this fluffy, red dancing rooster.

‘Why is there a fluffy red chicken dancing?!’ i think to myself.

“G’day Mate” says the rooster. I scream on the top of my lungs.

‘Wow i can’t believe i just danced’ says the says the rooster

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!!!!!!” I squeal even louder than last time.

The rooster must have been offended by my comments and ran off. I open my eyes to see that i’m in my bed, not in front of a talking dancing chicken. I calm down. But the i hear

“g’day mate”

100WC – Week #3 – Milah

They should have never said yes… The camp monitors KNEW there was a snake around. And worse… king snakes!. The camp monitors agreed that me and my sister, Emma, can go on a hike, and they knew that there were poisonous snakes around. I heard people on the bus called this place ‘camp slither’

“What do we do!” screamed Emma. But then suddenly, the snakes were melting, or sweating their scales off. What’s going on!I knew there was something up with this camp. I slowly started to see the camp monitor’s faces. THEY WERE SNAKES

“Gotcha” they said.

100WC – Week #1 – Milah

It was a dark, stormy night. I heard rattling cans and rubbish outside.  Orange leaves brushed against my window. I could hear my dad’s deep snoring downstairs. I felt goosebumps shiver down my spine. I look outside my window to see the streetlight flickering. But then …gradually, things started to move… 

“ What’s happening! “ I say in a worried voice. Things came crashing down, books falling on my head. I hear my parents hurry upstairs to come collect me and my brother. I fall down the stairs. We hurry outside. I was shivering, my brother crying, but then it suddenly happened.

100WC – Week #48 – Milah

Wet, melting ice below my paws. There is no escape. The ice is melting by seconds and I’m surrounded by water. I have to think of something, QUICK. I see silhouettes coming towards me in the distance. I started to growl to see if I could catch their attention, luckily… It did!. Closer and closer it came…. Until it was right next to me, but you could not believe it, they just took pictures of me and left, typical tourists. Now all I can see is my family on the other side of the horizon.

The ice melts and melts and melts. To nothing….

100WC – Week #46 – Milah

All we hear is: “Trick or treat” “trick or treat”.

We ring on each doorbell on our street and get loads of lollies. Then there is the house where nobody goes too. People call it the ‘haunted house.’ Me and my friend just stood at the door and we were holding everybody else up. One kid yelled “it’s called a haunted house, go inside!”

All of us open the door. The door lets out a slight creak.we all walked inside the house. The floorboards squealing. The lights flickering.

Everybody was gone.

But when I looked behind me…

I knew why.