100WC – Week #8 – Mia

She stood there, ready for coach Tom to blow the whistle. “Can you blow the whistle?” Bella said.

“Bella…don’t be rude!” Said Tom.

She just ignored him, and waited for the whistle to blow…5 seconds later, (which actually felt like 10 years) the whistle finally blew. “Finally-” Bella started. But she couldn’t finish her sentence because Jack, flipped her upside down, and flung her on her back.

All her breath was knocked out of her. She slowly got back up, exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists, she aimed her fist at his face….and POW!

100WC – #7 – Mia

I wanted to take my FLUFFY dog for a walk, but Mum said I had to practise my ballet dance in my room, and then I could go and walk the dog. So I went into my room and DANCED my whole dance. I told Mum I was done, and she said that I could walk the dog. But I couldn’t be bothered walking! I asked Mum if I could walk the dog on my new RED electric SCOOTER. Mum said yes. So I went outside and scooted down the CONCRETE driveway. After a 1 hour, I went back home.

100WC week #3 – Mia

They walked into the haunted house… but there was no one there…. They walked down the hallway… there was no one there… they walked into the kitchen…. They saw someone’s shadow. “Would you like to look around?” The shadow came closer… “Um, uh.. ok?” They replied, so they followed the shadow. Down the hallway, past the kitchen, into the bedroom… The shadow opened the door. “HaHa! Got you now!” The shadow said. The shadow opened the door, into a cupboard…the cupboard had nails all over the wall…The 2 little kids screamed in pain…. They never should have said yes….

100wc – Week #2 – Mia

 “Mum!! I’m going to drop the fruit at Grandmas!” Lilly yelled. She got a crate and put pumpkins and apples in it. Lilly got changed into her overalls and gumboots, and put the crate on the back of her bike. She started off down the road. Wait a minute…what was that brown thing in front of her? It was a ball of hay!!! She tried to turn around, but Lilly was going too fast!! She fell off her bike and slided across the grass, next thing she knew…Lilly went head first into the hay! “Help!” She screamed!

100WC – Week #1 – Mia

I woke up with a shock, the boat had stopped moving! This was supposed to be a lovely holiday on a cruise ship. But no, the boat has stopped moving.  I climbed out of my bed and looked at the time, 3:30am!!! I heard the loudspeakers crackle on, and then the captain started speaking. “Sorry the boat has stopped moving this early in the morning! We are trying to fix it!”

1 hour later…

“We have fixed the boat, it should start to move now!”

Gradually, things started to move…”YAY!!! THE BOATS MOVING!!” Mum and Dad screamed happily.