100WC – Week #3 – Madison

“They never should have said yes,” I say to my brother.

“I agree! This place is so cold and dark and dingy!” my brother replies.

“Yeah, well, I guess we’ll just have to get used to it,” I say, referring to the new house we have just moved into.

The place looked like it hadn’t been lived in for years!

It was almost… haunted.

I walked up the creaky stairs to my room, when suddenly my door opened! By itself!

“Who’s there?” I ask nervously.

Suddenly a cold hand grabs my shoulder.

“Me!” it replies.

100WC – Week #2 – Madison

“I was just biking to the house with a crate full of pumpkins from the shed, when all of a sudden a giant hay bale just popped up out of nowhere!” I say into the phone that afternoon. “I see, but are you sure that it wasn’t there before?” replies my Mum. “Yes!  It just popped up out of nowhere!” I say exasperated. “Okay, well stay where you are, I’ll be home soon,” says my Mum. “It’s not as if I can move anyway!” I reply. “Why?” “Because I’m stuck in the hay bale!” The line went dead. “Come on!”

100WC – Week #1 – Madison

 Gradually, things started to move.  My brother and I were standing in
a big dome shaped building that our father’s spy agent had trapped us in.
“What I still don’t get is, why would he want to trap us in here all alone?”
asked my brother.
“Because we knew that he was not Dad’s actual agent, silly,” I replied,
“And plus, you’re not alone, you have me!”
“Yeah, well that’s different!” he says.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“Are you two in there?” asks the agent.
“Yes,” my brother and I say quietly.
“Your father is dead…”
My brother and I gasp…

100WC – Week #48 – Madison

I stood there, on my boat wondering what to do.

But come on, what do you do if you see a polar bear standing on an ice cube growling. So I decided to ring the phone at my base back on land.

‘Hello, Madison speaking’ says my friend Madison.

‘Hi, there is a polar bear stuck on an ice cube about…’ I turn to look at base camp. ‘I don’t know 200m away, maybe?’

No answer.

‘You there?’


‘I said there is a pol-’ I start to say, when suddenly splash! something jumped into the water.

‘Seriously! Never mind’ I say.

100WC – Week #46 – Madison

I was walking in my front door with my dog, it was a hot day so I left my door open.

I went into the kitchen and started to unpack my bag.

‘Knock, knock’

Wait… didn’t I leave my door open?  If someone knocked then they would have had to come inside!

The kitchen was just in front of the door, so I thought I better see who it was. Wait… It might be the grocery man ‘cause I ordered online this week. but when I looked behind me there was nobody there.

‘Hello… is anybody there?’ says the voice…