100WC – Week #3 – Kenneth

They never should have said yes. Because this was the cause for earth to be inhabitable. They had agreed to send 100 kids that were criminals back to earth, little did they know how bad it would go. They had been sent in the wrong direction. Now and again everyone would start attacking each other, just for not working hard. A few days had passed and everything had gone to hell. Everyday there was this fog, that would fully burn your skin in minutes. The people back up in space had been thinking about sending supplies. But they hadn’t known.

100WC – Week #1 – Kenneth  

“Come back Roofus!” I yelled. “Come back to Papa!” I turned the corner where he had gone, but when I turned I saw… nothing. All these questions had entered my mind, “Where’d he gone?” and “What happened?” But then, I spun around and saw him jump on me. His licks were calming, and I regained my balance after a minute. This was a park we went to all the time. This time when we went there, this statue had just appeared. Along with multiple all surrounding me inside a big circle, gradually, things started to move. The statues… they’re moving!

100WC – Week #48 – Kenneth

There I was, stuck on an iceberg, waves tingling. Cold shivering throughout my body, I only had a split second to make it, but I was distracted. Waves of cold water thrashed against my iceberg, I never thought looking for fish in the water would end up like this. I stood there, paralyzed at the thought of being lost at sea. Would I ever get to see my babies back at home? I put those thoughts aside, I used as much force as I could to swerve the iceberg around. I spin around to see my beautiful babies at land.

100WC – Week #46 – Kenneth

My friends and I were exploring this mansion. We decided we should stay in a straight line the whole way through. When we just entered the doors slammed shut. That made us freak out for a split second. We all trail behind each other until I heard a faint scream. But when I looked behind me… nothing was there. All that left was a note, “I’m watching you.” It said. I started to run back till I heard feet meeting the ground. I started to panic so in a quick move I rushed towards a room. I saw feet entering.