100WC – Week #47 – Joe

Today I was going to the WATER park. I was really EXCITED at first but then it got scary. I was wondering if the water would freeze because of how cold it is today. When I got there it was normal but when I got in the water IT STARTED TO GET FROZEN! I got a dum idea though I fought it would break if I threw a RUBBER band at it but it did not do the trick. I tried STRIPED myself but it did not work. I think i’m stuck. HELP ME PLEASE!! I’M STUCK IN A MINI POOL!

100WC – Week #46 – Joe

 CIRCUS TRIP PART 2… AHHH Boof! Ow my head where am I?! “Oh you made it!” said Max.

“Glad you could make it” said camp teacher.  “Look while I was out getting water. I saw a circus in the distance where we can be safe there.”

“Alright let’s go,” said Bob.

“Okay we’re here at the circus.  Let me get us some sodas since you must be thirsty. Ooo a clown let’s go inside that tent!

“Okay be careful.”

“Yes we wil..l?”  But when I looked behind me..

“AHHH!! OOO I just love children hehe haha! YOU WILL BE MY DINNER TONIGHT!!”