100WC – Week #8 – Joe

Ahhh my head… Huh what? Where am I? What is this place?   Then in the distance, I could see someone. What? Uh hello? Ma´am could you help me? I’m lost. She started to look exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists. “Um excuse me? Hello… You may not know who I am… Yea who are you? I am your NIGHTMARE! Um okay? PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM! How exactly? By doing…ZOMBIES!!! What…OH I SEE NOW! UM I GOTTA DIP CREEPY MAN! HEY…..DONT SAY THAT TO ME! WHO CARES! I’M OUT! Rrrr Brains…BRAINS! Oh quacks man!

100WC – Week #3 – Joe

Hello? Hello?! The phone didn’t work, I wonder why they didn’t pick up. I knew they never should have said yes. Then something happened. My phone rang this time. I answered it. Uh hello? I said, Hello… you are probably wondering why I’m calling you…Wait. DR BOT?! Yes… WHY DID YOU AGREE TO BE A SECRET AGENT?! How should I know? You are my problem… But why? Well you should have said goodbye early… Wait what? ¨Trap door opens¨ AHHH!! Bye bye old friend…. NOOO!!! BOOF! Ahh…My arm… wait where I am? Oh no! I’ve gotta get out of here.

100WC – Week #2 – Joe

Today my dad told me I need to get outside and do something for people. I asked my dad why? He said that we need to get some money so get out there now! Fine… Hmm what should I do for people? AH! I got it. I can deliver pumpkins to people if my mom has pumpkins and farmer clothes. 5 minutes later. Ok now I’m ready, let’s deliver some pumpkins! I got on my bike and rode it. Ok this is starting out pretty good I got some money from people. So I will….what-… ¨Wheel falls off “AHH CRASH! Ahh my head.

100WC – Week #1 – Joe  

Today at school, I was just working minding my own business when I saw my desk shakes for a second. I just said to myself it’s probably just someone jumping on the floor, but then the ground shakes even harder. Then I said now I know that was not someone jumping. gradually, things started to move. Then I realised that IT WAS A EARTHQUAKE! My whole class started screaming! Then my teacher said GET UNDER YOUR DESK EVERYONE!!! So we went under our desk and waited till it stopped. I said this is just a dream…just a dream just a..JOE! WHAT?!

100WC – Week #49 – Joe

Today was the last day of school even though it was not the holidays I got so confused. I asked my teacher why? She said it’s because of covid. I heard my friends talking about it. So when I got home I went on my computer until it was time for bed The next morning I wondered why I did not wake up early. That’s because it’s covid! I was shocked. Then when school came back I said How was lockdown for you? To my friends. They said it was amazing! I didn’t even answer back to them so we just played.