100WC Week #9 – Jaxon

*Helicopter noises*

“Were flying into the location now”
My hearts pounding it was only a couple of months ago that we had to deal with the hornets but this… this is much much worse its a honey bee 10 times the size of the average man.

We lower the helicopter to the site and get out to analyse the bee.

My first initial thought when I heard about it i thought it was alive but it turns out it was dead which means theres something bigger than it like a bird that can kill it…

100WC – week#3 – Jaxon

“Ding dong” the doorbell rang, it was almost 11:00 PM who could be there?

I got up to open the door

“Hello” a door to door sales person said.

“Hi” i replied

“What are you doing up so late?” i asked

“My job sadly”

“Oh” i was kinda freaked out by a guy coming to my door at 11 O-clock

He asked if i wanted to buy a box filled with halloween candy.

I said no but then my friend woke up and came downstairs he must’ve heard me because he came up to him and said


“$2 dollars.”

”Ok!” They never should have said yes…

100WC – Week#2 – Jaxon

Just a Normal Day.

It was just a normal day for me. I was biking home from school and then a car randomly appeared in front of me. Its presence startled me so much that I turned and crashed right into a hay bale.

All of my fruit fell out of my bag: the newsletters, the lucky bookclub, the notices I was supposed to give to my mum and dad. Everything flew out of my bag and now I was stuck headfirst in a hay bale. When i got home i had a shower and went to bed. “Good Night”…

100WC – Week 1 – Jaxon  

Gradually, things started to move… 7 hours earlier. “Hey ken wanna come over to my house?”

“Sure i’ll be there in five.”

When i was at home waiting for ken I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a doll but then i looked over and saw nothing. “I must be hallucinating” I thought to myself. Two minutes later ken showed up.

“Hey ken” I said “hey” he replied. He came over and sat on the couch

“Ahhh i’ve always loved this couch” he said i saw his eyes shine red… “ken?”

“Yeah?” he said in a demonic voice…