100WC – Week#3 – Hannah

Sitting alone up in a tree looking at the cars driving by one by one. Suddenly a car slowed down by a group of girls who looked like they were having fun. I just thought it was someone they knew who was in the car. One of the taller girls started nodding but they never should have said yes, the driver hopped out of the car it turns out it was a man. One of the short girls who looked young started screaming with fear. The man grabbed the young girl now all of them started screaming with terror And that’s why you don’t trust strangers.

100WC – Week #2 Hannah

Bob the farmer was riding his bike to see his friends to drop off a basket of apples and pumpkins. He was going so fast that he got the wobbles and crashed into the hay bale. He then flew into the bale head first and was stuck. He cried out for help but no one could hear him. His hands were stuck in his pocket, scared to dear life. The poor farmer thought it was the end of his life when he felt the hay bale get loose he felt hope. He finally got out by the help of one of his friends. It turns out someone did hear him.

100WC – Week 1 – Hannah

Alone In my room sitting on my bed. Gradually, things started to move. Am I in a dream? That’s a thing I will never know. I thought 2020 wasn’t going to get any worse But it just did. Everything was going dark,  I couldn’t see my bed anymore. I felt like nothing, like a ghost. I looked around and I felt my heart drop. I saw something that looked like a human body. I took a closer look and it was me I looked cold and white like snow. It was not a dream I was gone all along. Just like a ghost.

100WC – Week #46 – Hannah

I was walking with my friend and we were talking just about school work. As we were walking we heard footsteps behind my friend and I. We carried on walking, I then heard heavy breathing, but when I looked behind me nothing was to be seen. All of a sudden I couldn’t see my friend anywhere. I started to freak out. I didn’t know what to do. So I started yelling his name ‘Where are you? It’s not funny! Come out.’ I looked behind me and saw a man in black.