100WC Week #3 – Emily

What did Samara do? I need to watch what he does.

¨may I ask before I go what did Samara do¨

¨ my sister and her were best friends one day they went to a party and samara was diving and samara made the car cash and my sister die so she going to pay¨

wait I was in the car when it happened that means I am his sister.

¨so you will go get her¨

¨ yes ¨

1 hour later.

¨ Your back yes did you get her¨

¨ Here she is”

¨Hello Samara, time to die and you too¨

they never should have said yes

¨ Wait don´t kill them¨

¨Why not¨

¨ Because I’m your sister¨

¨You are¨

¨ Yes¨

¨ stop being a liar¨

No I am- not.


100WC – Week #1 – Emily

“Get under something, the earthquake  is here!”

As we moved, the roof started to come down,  I’m under the table and I see things Falling.

Gradually, things started to move.  At this stage I am very scared something could fall on my head and I could die. Soon the earthquake stopped and everything stopped moving. I slowly came out when  something dropped right on my head, then I was knocked out. When I woke up I was in a hospital. I saw my mum, dad and my sister crying. When I looked  up, they saw me, I started to cry, soon my sad tears became happy tears.

100WC – Emily – Week #48

Me and Samara were playing and jumping on the ice. When the ice broke  “Ahhhhhhhh!!! Emily, help! help! help  me! I don’t like water please I’m scared I hate water and you know that! Please I will die out here please!!!”

I’m  laughing my head off.

“Stop laughing and help me Emily help! The water is very cold here! And I will die from  how cold it is.”

The ice broke then Samara fell in the water.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Emily come here and help me!”

“Just swim and you will be fine.”

Then I walk away because she was being ridiculous.

100WC – Week #46 – Emily

Bang! I woke up

We need to get out of here quickly as we can ok.  get out of bed now.

My mum said with fear on her face.

What happened mum, what’s wrong.

The war has begun. We need to get out of here. Where’s sis and dad?

They’re in the hideout ok.

Bang! It went again.

We have no time, let’s  go. As I hope out of bed I hear people

Running in to our house.

Okay we need to get to the hideout before they find us

Okay lets go now okay. M…m…mum.

Yes, here, upstairs

Bang! Mum

but when I looked behind me