100WC – week #1 – Ella

Gradually, things started to move. I didn’t know what it was. Was it an earthquake? a meteor? It kept getting louder and louder. It seemed to get closer and closer at that moment I thought the world was going to end or I was going to die!!! I was praying that I wouldn’t die and that the world wouldn’t end. Then I realised that my mum and dad were talking to a guy before. Did they want the guy to wreck our house? I ran outside and sed stop killing our house then I realised that the man was digging.

100wc – Week #48 – Ella

As the ice starts to break I get more frightened and then I start floating away on a meadow size of ice on top of the water. I started to get sad and scared and worried. I realised I would starve because I have no fish to eat but then I realised I could just catch the fish out of the sea. Then a shark had a fight with me and I won and that is my dream. Wow that really was your dream said Jack yes it really was my dream sed tom thanks for sharing your dream Tom.

100WC – Week #46 – Ella

Bang! but when i looked behind me…

There was nothing there so I ran inside and got some noodles and milk and then I went to my lounge and started eating my food and drinking my drink and it happened again the big bang for a second i thought it was a ghost. But no it was not a ghost I… I… I  I know what this feeling is I don’t know why this is happening to me I am scared and water started coming out of my eye slowly and hits my soft cold dry cheek  what is happening to me and just then Iheard a voice the voice sed to me that i am experiencing the feeling called sadness then  the voice went away what is sadness???