100WC – Week #8 – Charlie

I was in a fight at school and then she did this, exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and I did not know what she meant. She said the fight is over then they just still did it. Then a teacher said go to the staff room and you can sit on the seat outside. Then we said yes Mrs Horan. Then when we went back to class everybody was looking at us like what were you doing at lunch. Then it was home time and everybody were coming up to me and saying what happened at lunch time.

100WC – Week #7 – Charlie

I was laying some CONCRETE down on our new house and the CONCRETE was so FLUFFY . When it dried I went on my red SCOOTER I was going around and around. Then bang It cracked it was not dry and I had already danced in the concrete so I was covered with concrete. I need to go home and have a big nice shower to get all of the nasty concrete off me. Now I left my nice red scooter at the big pit of concrete. Then my Dad said “Why are you so covered with so much concrete?”

100WC Week #3 – Charlie

I was at a birthday party and someone let off a firework and then Tom said that they never should have said yes to who let off the firework. Now every firefighter in the world was there trying to put the fire out. Someone said to me who let the fireworks off. Now the fire is out and we can keep going on with the party we were in the pool and all the grass was brown from the fireworks. There was a little red thing in the dirt that said I was the one who did the fireworks. It was Max.

100WC – Week #2 – Charlie

Is this what I am seeing right now? A bike with a whole lot of apples on the ground in my backyard and there is a big blue thing in a hay bale. And look at the bike just on the ground why is there so much stuff there not doing much.  The person who is in the hay bale would be very hot because the hay is out of the grass. I hope that the birds don’t  peck  the man because he would have holes in his skin. If you look at the back there is a big house.

100WC – Week #1 – Charlie  

I was  inside with my friend playing on my phone then I heard a big bang I raced to the shed. I could not believe what has happened the car is outside and things started to  gradually, things started to move I was running down the driveway. And then BANG it hit the wheelbarrow it had a whole lot of  things in it like a spade then everything was on the ground. But my  little sister had left the hand brake off  I think she  needs to go to back  driving school..