100WC – Week # 47 Carla

Once I was at the snow for winter but it turned out that the snow was ice. We just broke the ice then swam in it because if we didn’t there was no point of going.   Then i got in the frozen water ice but first I striped the ice . Then I got excited that we swam in the water for the first time. Then my legs were so cold that my legs were felt like rubber so i decided to swim around a little bit to warm my self up then “Ahhhhhh help!” someone is grabbing me “Help someone!”

100WC – Week #46 – Carla

Oh no there was a guy chasing me because I was in his property trying to find some grass for my hamsters.  They needed a bed so then he was running after me, but when i looked behind me I saw him not trying to get me any more so I just started to walk along the streets trying to find my house but then I looked behind me again because I heard running coming from behind me I looked and he was running full speed so I quickly ran as fast as I could then. Oh no please help!