100WC – Week#7 – Carla

Once I saw a scooter, it was a red one but something was strange. When I felt it. it was fluffy but then it ran away and danced on the concrete, but the concrete was slippery. Next minute I looked away because my Mum was saying “LUNCH IN TEN MINUTES” But when I looked back it was gone, so I sniffed the concrete. And the smell, smelt like mints, so I just followed the trail. There it was behind a rubbish bin, but the next minute it was gone, I quickly got my car and chased it. There we go.

100WC – week#3 – Carla

Once me, mum and dad were walking on a bridge then dad said should we play I dare you. As mum was still walking down the bridge she said yes. Ok I said so who is going to go first. Mum said she can go first so she did. Ok mum said. I dare you guys to jump off the bridge. Yes we will said me and dad.as we were about to jump off the bridge mum pulled me and dad back on the ground.then in her head she was thinking that… they never should have said yes.


100WC – Week#2 – Carla

 Once I was on my bike going down a hill with a pumpkin in my hand. Then I lost control with my body then there was a huge bale that just came out of nowhere it was just still until. Ahhh it is coming after me then. Hello hello I said while I was stuck in a bale. Inside of the bale was warm because it was closed up. I was yelling. And yelling but no one could hear me. Then I remembered I had a knife in my pocket. Then I tried to cut the bale it didn’t cut.

100WC – Week #1 – Carla

When I was going to bed that Saturday night I sore a piece of a gigantic piece of steel it was moving gradually, things started to move very slow then fast I was scared. Then a couple of minutes later I was woken up by a tennis ball that smashed the window. My mum, dad, sisters, dogs, cats, ponies all woke up by it mum and dad came in with my sisters who were crying then mum said I will clean it up right away everyone stand back. Then she cleaned it up. Then one minute later it was asleep.


Once I was fishing on the cold sea then I spotted a cute grizzly bear.  It was on a big gigantic piece of ice and was floating away. So I decided  to see if I could help it then. When I got to it then it started to try to come to  me as well so I went closer. “Hello” I said patting the bear as it licked me and I could tell that it liked me so I tied the rope onto the ice then pulled it. When we got to shore it ran away then I spotted a …