Special Prompt #5 – Tania

 I opened the door of the old mansion and entered quietly but couldn’t see my dog anywhere.  As I walked in a bit further, I stood on an old  dusty rug. My feet drifted away like they were scared. 

 I heard  a SNAP! Phew, it was just a stick.

Then I heard stomping, it sounded like someone was coming.I was filled with fear. Gasping, I turned around and I heard“woff!”I instantly recognised that voice, oh my gosh that’s Bob .

Bob drifted his long slurpy tongue on my face “yuck”. I heard more screeching noises coming from upstairs. “Quick Bob, let’s go home before someone else comes”. I saw hair poking out “RUN BOB RUN”   . We ran home as fast as we could. Mum saw Bob she said “What a dirty doggy lets get you cleaned up”

 “WOFF!”  “WOFF!”

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