Special Prompt #5 – Darryl

“Okay Mum I’ll be back soon,”. The door crashed against the hinge . I went across the street where did it go. The candy store its gone, the candy bar it was called. I opened the door. A guy emerged from the counter, can I have some chocolate? Yes, that would be 2$. Ok we switched in my hand I had a bar or dirt and dust. I left. I was furious. I read for about an hour then I went back and they were closed. I went home and slept in the morning. I watched the news that the guy was dead. I was astonished.

One thought on “Special Prompt #5 – Darryl”

  1. That was a strange day. I like how you made an “ordinary” setting, like a candy store, and made it so mysterious. It was a clever way to keep the reader interested. I also think it was good how you saw the death of the storekeeper on the news. This emphasised the shock of the narrator. well done.

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