Special Prompt #5 – Allison

“Hi guys, welcome back to my youtube channel, today we are going to visit an abandoned school that was made in the 1200’s and it still stands here today isn’t that incredible, and don’t forget to buy the merch and subscribe down below if you are new to the channel”.

 “Come on Bob we can’t just lug your merch all day, let’s go into this haunted school already”.

 “WOW! Jim come look at this ancient candy hand left in the candy corner place”.

“Mate that is not candy,that’s a…….. Human’s hand”.

“What are you talking about Jim” 

 “Just look further.”

2 thoughts on “Special Prompt #5 – Allison”

  1. I loved the originality of your post. I would subscribe to your channel! Very well done! Sandrine (100WC Team)

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