100WC – Week #2 – Madison

“I was just biking to the house with a crate full of pumpkins from the shed, when all of a sudden a giant hay bale just popped up out of nowhere!” I say into the phone that afternoon. “I see, but are you sure that it wasn’t there before?” replies my Mum. “Yes!  It just popped up out of nowhere!” I say exasperated. “Okay, well stay where you are, I’ll be home soon,” says my Mum. “It’s not as if I can move anyway!” I reply. “Why?” “Because I’m stuck in the hay bale!” The line went dead. “Come on!”

100WC Week #2 Xaveika

 I was biking home after collecting food from my grandma. I was so hungry, so I started to bike faster and faster. But then I took a swerve. I was out of control! I flew off my bike and into the hay. When I got out of the hay I was covered! I snatched my bike and looked down to see all my food ruined! So I picked the food up and threw it in the rubbish and biked home slowly thinking ¨today is not my day¨ and when I got home I threw myself into bed and got a good sleep.

100WC – Week #2 – Charlie

Is this what I am seeing right now? A bike with a whole lot of apples on the ground in my backyard and there is a big blue thing in a hay bale. And look at the bike just on the ground why is there so much stuff there not doing much.  The person who is in the hay bale would be very hot because the hay is out of the grass. I hope that the birds don’t  peck  the man because he would have holes in his skin. If you look at the back there is a big house.

100wc – Week #2 – Mia

 “Mum!! I’m going to drop the fruit at Grandmas!” Lilly yelled. She got a crate and put pumpkins and apples in it. Lilly got changed into her overalls and gumboots, and put the crate on the back of her bike. She started off down the road. Wait a minute…what was that brown thing in front of her? It was a ball of hay!!! She tried to turn around, but Lilly was going too fast!! She fell off her bike and slided across the grass, next thing she knew…Lilly went head first into the hay! “Help!” She screamed!

100WC – Week#2 – Carla

 Once I was on my bike going down a hill with a pumpkin in my hand. Then I lost control with my body then there was a huge bale that just came out of nowhere it was just still until. Ahhh it is coming after me then. Hello hello I said while I was stuck in a bale. Inside of the bale was warm because it was closed up. I was yelling. And yelling but no one could hear me. Then I remembered I had a knife in my pocket. Then I tried to cut the bale it didn’t cut.