100WC – Week #11 – Milah

Leaves were rolling everywhere on the footpath as I was walking. The cold breeze was rushing against my skin causing me to have goosebumps.I keep walking until i see this lady, a beautiful lady with snowy white hair and a crafty purple raincoat on with white paint splattered on it

“ Where are you going, miss?” she asks me.

My brain was confused the it comes up with this:

“UH I- i uh the castle

“The castle,.. I see follow me”

We walk for miles until we reach this beautiful castle. Then, I figure it’s not as beautiful as it seems.

100WC – Week #10 – Aiden

Today was the day I was allowed to get a puppy. But it was massive. I said to my Mum that if only it was a bit smaller I would love it but this dog is gonna grow way too big. Can I get a new one please? NO! My Mum said she paid $200 for this dog and she could not bring it back without a receipt but for the pet store we got the dog from there’s NO receipt. So NO! NO! NO! She said that this is now my pet dog. Sadly now I have a giant dog in my house.

100WC Week #9 – Joe

Captain we seem to be losing control of our bee! WHAT!? The captain said. We need to land somewhere safe before it explodes! Ok ok sir! “The bee lands” Whew that would have been bad now we have to shrink the bee and us too so we can check what happens to it. Yes sir! Here goes nothing! BOOF! Oh my bees! Wait no dont get distracted we need to fix this bee! Yes sorry sir! Hmm Oh yes we just need some honey for its fuel. Oh ok boss! “Fuels up” Done! Now lets get out of here before something bad happens.

100WC-Week 9 – Wiliam

Lights, camera, action

The scene where Marc Matthews, Voice of the Character Jack sparrow has just set up his camp halfway up Mount Everest, (Backgrounds will be added soon). The figurines were a perfect substitute for real humans, figurines are as flexible as gymnasts so any position necessary can easily be pulled off. Anyway back to the movie, as Jack sparrow lights his fire a bumble bee comes flying in and lands on its side, right in the middle of the set and smashes the mini, non authentic campfire.

The director yells impatiently ”Can we get some new props please!!”

100WC week #9 Ella

This creature is real, what does this mean? This means that someone has made a big position to make stuff bigger so the person or people that have made this has tried it on a bee or more bees. Some people are trying to figure out who did this. This is one news on tv as i turn off the tv i tell mum i wonder who made it? I don’t know what sweetie she replied, dinner is ready, what are we having for dinner, we are having macaroni and cheese . Yumm!!! I yell please don’t yell in the house my mum exclaimed ok sorry mum its ok sweetie.