100WC – Week #36 – Brae

Hello my name is Jimmy Jonka he fought in Gallipoli but died. Jimmy was a leading officer that made up the attacks. He killed 72 people in the Gallipoli fight and 78 in the battle of somme. Sadly he died at the end of the battle of Somme by a fleas. He was such a good guy he had about 51 scars. He was 29 when he died. It is very sad that so many young men died in such a horrible way. That’s why we are so lucky to have people that fought in the war.

100WC – Week #36 – Ziva

hi i am bob/bobby i was at war it was weird i was fighting one second then a stretcher bearer came and took me to hospital. I don’t know what happened. I had a dog and a horse with me. I asked them where they were they said that milo my puppy she was 5 months old doberman was in vet care and alive and so was coconut i visited my pets but because of shell shock i was in a wheelchair milo and coconut remembered me and came up to me neighing and laughing i was so happy. 

100WC – Week #36 – Amber

I’m at my home and can’t leave but the Canadian war wants me to be a veterinarian for the civil war and I don’t know how to help the dogs and horses. They said if I went I Could get a statue of myself so I absolutely  agreed..

First stop was Canada. When we hit land guns were shot, 95 animals died. We could only recover 5. I stroked the horse that was there. After South America my statue was getting put up. I have been waiting for a couple years.

100WC – Week #36 – Emma

We arrived on a very rocky  beach clutching our bags in our arms. We climbed large, sharp rocky cliffs that lead to the battlefield. We were going to fight the Japanese, suddenly the ground behind turned to stone every second soldier turned to statues. I was getting ready to die on the battlefield not like this. I started running, I could see the battlefield in sight and some Japanese soldiers standing with guns and shells ready to fight. They were startled to see hundreds of soldiers running towards them panicking with no guns in our arms. Everything was stone. It was a terrible sight seeing all my mates dying. But it was too late, I turned around stone covered my body turning me to a helpless statue.

100WC – Week #36 – Ezra

We landed at Gallipoli on the Titanic 2.0. I strutted over to the exit, snatched my bag from the Porter and walked outside. As I walked out I didn’t even dare to look at the view. I looked up at the mountain that was bearing the staircase and without hesitation I started running up it. It didn’t take me long to get to the top because I was a natural runner. I got to the top and turned around. When I turned around, it felt like my soul was drifting away. There by the water was my dead, frozen grandfather.