100WC Week #6 – Joe

After that day at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza I was still in my foxy suit. I said I couldn’t believe I got put into this suit. The pizzeria is now being smashed to pieces and now I am in an alley in a robot suit! I said how could things get any worse?! Then I saw something in the distance. It was a pizzeria. But I had to see what was inside it was my friends! But also there was a night guard there then I realised it was the one that killed me! I need to get revenge but how? I need gasoline and a lighter. It has to work!

2 thoughts on “100WC Week #6 – Joe”

  1. Hi Joe,
    Well done on your story this week. It seems like you are about to hatch a crazy plan!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Hub Buddy

  2. I like this story, I like pizza. Why did the night guard kill you. Maybe use more descriptive words or adjectives in your story.

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