100WC – Week #39 – Andre

When I was walking in the park with my dog when dawn started to hit us. It was like a blink of an eye and boom it was already night.

 I looked around and nobody at the park was there even my dog wasn’t there. I turned left and right trying to find my dog yelling her name, “ kora, kora” when I saw a tree with a weird looking face gazing into my eyes.

 It’s like it was trying to eat my soul. I ran back home slamming the door behind me and I saw my dog sitting there, smiling.


100WC – Week #39 – Bentley

I’m looking for some good trees to chop down for the fire wood with an axe in my hand and a head light and three kittens on my side at night.

Great just great!.

But then a tree was in the middle of a massive field and why is there a face on the tree that looks like ghost face?!.

So am I being horred by ghost face AHHHHHHHHHH!.

So i ran home like the flash mom,dad.

 I think I saw ghost face in a tree? 

Mum said it I think it’s time for bed for you Youngman And dad said argue with your mother it’s the last day of school tomorrow.


100WC – Week #39 – Casey

I sneakily creeped out of the door, trying to keep the squeaky noise away.

My babysitter said I was only allowed to go to the school disco if I had finished all of my homework, but I was nowhere near that stage so I sneaked out.

I let out a big sigh of relief when I made it outside and started to walk.

There was this stranger that was kinda walking in the same direction as me, when I turned she turned we ran she ran.

Suddenly I knocked into a tree because, first I was walking in the forest and second…


“Wow, hello”I said panicking.

Did she just disappear?

Even the tree was in shock.

100WC – Week #39 – Emily

 Finally,I was nearly at the end of the river walk when I saw a tree with a ghost face on it.

While I was looking at it I saw something random in the ghost tree’s eyes.The sky went pit black and I was the only one there.I turned around to see someone looking straight at me.

I turned around again, the tree was gone!It was running down the footpath.I ran after him but the person chased me as well.I fell over then I got up and ran back home and locked the front door.

100WC – Week #39 – Quinn

 Running as quickly as I can, my foot got stuck under a root. Trying and trying to get my foot out it wouldn’t budge, I started yelling, no one came, I mumbled under my breath “I wish I wasn’t stuck.”  

“Your wish is my command” said a voice

“W-who’s there?”I stuttered

“It is I, the great oak, and I am no ordinary oak. I am a magic oak sent to grant wishes?”

“I wish I wasn’t stuck.”

“Babee you shall now be a tree”he cursed.

My wish was not granted and I was stuck as a tree forever.