100WC – Week #31 – William C

Behind the tall podium, I was waiting for everyone to crowd into the room for my speech. They were all a bit late though, so I was left staring at the empty chairs that just stared back at me, waiting in anticipation, almost like actual people.

As people started to shift in and the chairs filled up, the heat was unbearable, so I just did what I had always done, imagined that they were all vegetables, or some sort of inanimate object. But of course, it didn’t work for long, and everyone was waiting for me to start my speech…

100WC – Week #31 – Tiffany

While I was playing Roblox,my parents told us to pack our wetsuit because we were going to the beach. Me and my brother weren’t happy though,I wanted to stay here and play Roblox.

We begged for us to stay, but no, we had to go there. I fiercely grabbed my wetsuit from the closet and dumped it in the bag. I grabbed a bag of chips and hid it at the bottom of the bag. When we were there I opened the door but the heat was unbearable, so I just stayed in the car for most of the time playing on my brother’s tablet.

100WC – Week #31 – Taylor

“Wakey wakey” Mum said.  I woke up the heat was unbearable 

Come on! You have school today Nooo!!!

I have to do my maths today!!! To get  out of school today I need to use my Secret plan.

My secret plan is to Vomit but with fake vomit so mum will let me stay home.  Here goes nothing mumm yes I feel like I need to Vomit.  She comes into the room. Plaaaaa i Fake vomit all over the  Carpet

Oh no Said mum  You shall have to stay home now 

Ohhhhhhh I say.    

100WC – Week #31 – Tania

 “That day was so hot, the heat was unbearable, so I ate five ice blocks but it didn’t cool me dow..”

“Yeah,yeah teach, this story is boring. Can we read another one?”

Angrily,the teacher stared at me and picked out another book.

“Ok,what about cocomelon ” she responded

“NO! That’s for babies.What about the Terminator book like the movie?” I asked.

“NO WAY!”she shouted, “THAT’S FOR ADULTS!”

“Yeah, yeah well what about…” 



“I…I…I don’t know but it was coming from out of that terminator book”

100WC – Week #31 – Sofia

“Muuuuuuuuuuum!, can you turn the aircon up? It is soooooo hot outside.”

 “And all so can we get ice cream?”

It was exactly 56 degrees outside and 45 inside.

Stop complaining Sofia, this is how high it can go.

Ok I said in an annoyed voice.

The heat was unbearable,so… I went into the boiling hot garage and grabbed my bike. I rode my bike down to the dairy. As I started to open my ice cream it melted down my arm. Oh man guess no ice cream today. This is going to be a very, very long summer.