100WC – Week #30 – Caleb

People made this very weird but cool statue of I think an iron .

I see people glancing at it as they walk past.

Suddenly someone stopped at the statue and he started staring at it way more than all the others that walked past.

Suddenly out the corner of my eye I see him pull out an Axe and start swinging at the statue “Wow wow wow! man what are you doing” I said

He said”I am taking this down because I have to” I said “who told you to”

He said “the government”. I said “0k go ahead with it then”.

100WC – Week #30 – Casey

 “Omg Mr Rogers I love your shoes , I noticed them when your were stepping up the steps”

But before the busy lady could finish her sentence.


“Oh my goodness I am so sorry for dropping the iron on your toes Mr Rogers , here let me help”.

 “NO NO I’m fine I can do it myself I am not a baby”.Said Mr Rogers angrily.

He lifted the iron off his toes and popped it down on the ground beside him.

The lady was about to pick it up again until this happened.

“LEAVE THAT!” Ordered Mr Rogers.

“Leave it now , just leave it or else!.

100WC – Week #30 – Emily

Walking down the stairs, out of my office I see something random on the floor right ahead of me. People kept  on surrounding me thinking that I was the one who put it there. Then I realized what it is and why it is here! 

“ Look, look “ I shouted out to everyone,”I know what it is,it is an iron  because there is an ironing board!”

“Ohhhhh” everybody said.

Suddenly the boss of the business came out.

“ What is everybody doing back here?, this is not a restaurant you know!” Shouted  the boss.

Then everybody started to scatter off.

100WC – Week #30 – Finn

“Here we are in western California,” cried sally! She was a human energy drink. Constantly on the go and never still! 

“Great” muttered Sam, who wasn’t impressed he wanted to go to Disneyland, but instead they were stuck in a musty old town. That could have easily been a ghost town. While Sam moaned, Sally pondered her first move. 

A scream came from the back of the van. 

 “Ahhh! Sam what is this.” howled Sam and Sally’s furious mum, as she pulled a damp crumpled up shirt. Wait no that wasn’t any shirt that’s Mum’s wedding dress. But Mum was ready. She had her iron! The exact iron as the statue right beside them! Sally looked back and the iron was gone!         

100WC – Week #30 – Jack P

I was at the gym and I was weightlifting for days,weeks,months, years.  I know all the weightlifting equipment.  But I saw one bit of equipment and it looked like I could use that to get even bigger muscles and I had big muscles so I would never say that  I can get even bigger muscles and it looks like an iron.  But trust me it is not an iron and after my last day of working out I had no muscles. They were gone. It was so scary and after that I had nothing, nothing, nothing…