100WC – Week #30 – Ziva


“NOOO IM NOT DONE U BE PATIENT ” Yells back Banana.

While the two married giants fight the child Winter comes in.

“Why are you yelling?” she asks sweetly.

Banna drops the Iron and it falls through there cloud floor.


Down on the ground people hear a whistle coming from the sky everyone evacuates from new york, then *THUD!* It hit the ground and people tryed to lift it but they couldn’t.

Farmer Jess was out in the pasture with her horses smokey and fire. The horses heard the thud but Jess didn’t.

100WC – Week #30 – Kalinda

Skipping to school,  I saw this weird looking thing on the footpath. It was shaped like a triangle but with no sharp sides.

“Hello, my name is Mr Triangle and my real name is Smothe.” pronounced the triangle.

“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be on an ironing board?” I asked.

“Yes I should be.” He started. “But my old owner thought I was trash so she took me to an op shop and here I am.” He continued.

“BING, BING, BING!”went the door.

She picked up Mr Triangle and left with him. I continued to walk to school.

100WC – Week #30 – Maggie

I woke up in a dark, eerie room. While I sat there, I got curious and I stood up. Because it’s a dark room, I don’t know where I’m going. I start walking forward, a speck of light catches my eye. I ran towards it. Although running in a dark room is probably dangerous, I did it anyway. Moments later it came down to me being metres off the circle of light. But I’m close enough to see it is displaying something. I had a couple tiles around it, and the background looked like an old village. Although I wanted to, I didn’t dare to touch it. But then, it appeared, my surprise birthday party!!

100WC – Week #30 – Quinn

Happily skipping down the street I noticed an odd shape.Curiously I walked up to it and noticed it read  and I quote “in honor of our loved ones we give this piece of our history.Weirdly the statue was an old fashioned iron statue. Curiously I continued reading but then I got interrupted by an old man about statue height. Hardly being able to understand what he was saying,because his voice was very croaky I could only  make out a few words he said like how the statue was for all the people who fought in the war.

100WC – Week #30 – Ryan

Jamaica streets were packed with people.  All of a sudden I trip over there where there are too many people to  tell what made me trip over. But I think it was a Zebra because  there were some sightings of leprechauns in the surf on a 50 meter wave there but when I came back it was a weird object .

Is it a shield? or is it the biggest iron in the world? but then I saw a hand reach down from heaven and move it six spaces forwards. Then fifteen spaces forward the other shield or iron. Then a mysterious voice said go in the Iron so I hopped in and nobody saw me again…