100WC – Week #30 – Amelia

 I was helping my master to work he was a cement builder.one of his friends yelled out “hey logan dont use the old the old tool’s anymore use the new one I bought” .He came over and gave it to him they got called to lunch. I went over to the new tool and I said to him “ hey bucko this is my job so leve “ he told me “nah you go this is my master now “in a strong toned voice . i got really  mad i charged at them like a bull. The cement was about to dry. He dodged i fell in and I  started to sink . I hit the bottom .

100WC – Week #30 – Brooke

 I was walking through my village and saw a weird  shaped thing that was some sort of metal. 

I touched it and the tile below it, and I started going down. I squinted my eyes. It was really strange. It stopped on the floor. I opened my eyes and realized that it was a secret underground bunker. Staring at the room when we started to go even more underground. 

What seemed to be  like an elevator stopped on another floor. It looked like a bedroom. I plonked my bag on the bed and tried to sleep. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH silence.

100WC – Week #30 – Cameron

Many, many years ago, a fight took place in this exact location, and what a fight it was!  Two men, eager to get an object, were running towards  the end of the street, taking long, graceful strides.  They were too late though, as a horde of soldiers came into sight.  Sweat beaded down the captain of the horde of soldiers, these men were well known. “ Bring out the weapon,” he yelled to his companions.  They took out a big piece of metal, similar to an iron.   Not knowing what it was, the two men smiled.

When the beam of light came out so fast, the men both disintegrated in a flash!

100WC – Week #30 – Darryl

 I wake up on a giant teapot confused I started looking until. When I saw I was on a statue i looked down into the mist all I saw was darkness. I looked and looked until I heard a crack. The hot bubbles crashed into the vastus leaving me and the tea eye to liquid confused. how I got here I looked to see if it was bubble tea. I was right I took a dive onto a platform on the boiling surface. I sipped the tea it was always my dream then I fell into the darkness…

100WC – Week #30 – Dash

This statue was made in New York. This is the reason why. Iron’s like this were always used and bought. It was said to be the best iron the universe has ever made. The statue of Liberty was taken down and they made a statue of iron. Best thing they ever did. In the making they melted the iron into place with irons. People lived on the ground and watched it until the statue was finished.

“It’s a miracle wow I love it,” everyone said.

“Lovel,” someone got cut off.

“Boring,”someone said.

People from everywhere were from different countries and saw. That’s how it was made.