100WC – Week #28 – Ziva

 As I walk into the clinic my co worker drags me into the office she whispers “Cattie had her pups” she points towards the pup room “go see theres 5 girls 2 boys.”

I walk into the pup room. When the building shook and then  the electricity went off, I rushed and grabbed Cattie and her pups. I mount storm. It’s not everyday that I ride storm but this is an emergency so I rush out with Cattie and her pups on storm . We ran out of the desert. I hope it’s not another cyclone. my co co-workers on their horses.

100WC – Week #28 – Tyler

 BOOM!!! BAM!!! 

All the houses on my street shook and crumbled as a bulldozer crashed thro-


That will be my neig-, wait, if that’s my neighbor then i’m NEXT!!! . Oh no, this isn’t good. The bulldozer crashed through my house as the building shook and then the buildozer finished my house and it almost looked like a mower moving itself.

I Looked up and there was a giant handle. I was right, it was a mower driving itself!!!

It then stopped. And a GIANT came to fill the petrol up. At that moment, I Fainted. Blackness surrounded me.

100WC – Week #28 – Ryan

The building shook and then. The news started to say  “breaking news about the famous supernova betelgeuse. It just exploded. Now people are screaming because they are seeing the Orion belt but they can’t see their beloved betelgeuse supernova.Outside my window I saw the betelgeuse remainder coming  straight to my house as I was pacing nervously I Was thinking about what am I going to do as I hoped into my car and drive I realised that the remainder where around the size of earth as the remainder  of the supernova hit earth me and my friends  survived the Explosions.

100WC – Week #28 – Quinn

Lonely in my bed reading one of my favourite books,Wings of Fire.Then I noticed the ground started to rumble and rattle, my teeth started to chatter.The building shook and then the roof smashed on the ground breaking into one thousand pieces. “Earthquake” I screamed as I was  sprinting to my mum, dad and family then I remembered they were getting groceries.I ran out of the house and into the middle of the yard so that nothing could fall on me.The ground stopped rattling and my teeth stopped chattering.The earthquake had stopped ,we were safe.

100WC – Week #28 – Nate

The Building shook leaping out of the building. Then the building shook and then it Shattered into Pieces. I fell no! I screamed out loud people started Whispering. I wondered what they were saying. scared to go up and say what i’ve been through I lost my parents and my favourite toy. and I am three years old yes. I was smart for my age I no everyone says that now what tearing up. someone came up and said come to my house I ran away going slower and slower I turned around. running back but I was too late.