100WC – Week #13 – Allison

This problem sounds like a you problem but that doesn’t matter I can answer…

I’m a fish and I’m swimming in the ocean and everyday you keep bumping into an iceberg, and after 2 days you have 1 million bruises, Nah. But one day you hear that icebergs are melting and it’s going to cover the Netherlands, and you can’t grab shells for grandma, but at the same time there is more space to swim. 

But can’t we just put a gigantic freezer around the icebergs so they freeze well? That must be the best idea you have ever heard.

100WC – Week #13 – Amelia

Hi” i’m waddles the penguin and this is my story ”.” The vigil is mounting ahh” said someone “i no the reason the sun “ someone said.  Then I decided  to peck the sun’s eyeballs out.  Then I realized something that would change my life forever: the sun does not have eyeballs. So instead  I started to blow on the floor and it did not work. Just then I saw some funny looking people and they put a big fan down. Sudanile the ice stopped mounting “yay were saved” woo hoo.     

100WC – Week #13 – Dominika

Fred was an ordinary penguin, he lived a normal life, and he did the normal routine every 

Adélie penguin would do. First wake up, then dive and get fish, eat the fish and then dive and get more fish and put it in the fish pile. Then do it again. For Fred it was boring, Fred just wanted an adventure, something more in his life. As a new day began he found the normal puddles of water on the floor but they were bigger. It’s like his iceberg home was crying.

And that’s when he knew his home was melting……

100WC – Week #13 – Leo

As I slide up and down the ice ,my belly is warm. Then I hit the water because the ice is melting. Slowly I am drifting down the ice I try to grab on but my fingers are too cold so I kick my legs. (Tobias) the sun wants to make me drown. The sea (william) is too big to see me and he is drowning me. 

I now under water see other animals drowned and frozen. I see their limbs. The structures had fallen and there was debris everywhere it’s hard to see. Slowly I hit the bottom oof

100WC – Week #13 – Ruby

“ What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? ” She asked me.
I stood there in silence, thinking really hard, not for an answer, but for an excuse.
“ Umm…”
“ Answer me! ”
“ Uhh…”
“ ANSWER ME!!! ”
“ Umm, well the sea level would rise about 70 m , which could be danger to houses close to beaches, and there would be a lot more floods and-”
“ Is that all? ” She interrupted.
“ And soon the earth will be nothing but water, fish will be harder to catch and more, other disastrous things. ” I finished.
“ Return to your seat.”
“ Okay.” I mumbled.