100WC – Week #13 – Eveana

Well, if the ice caps melt then the water rises then maybe all the countries that have a flat surfaces then the will be under water and will probably turn into Atlantis, then again what if we stop using toxic chemicals and gas then we might be able to save our planet. 

Then also we are talking about humans, not the nicest things out there so it is a possibility that our because of human that the countries will turn into some what Atlantis so I will kinda be like one of those movies were there country starts flooding ohh I if it does happen the I hope they make a movie about it so if we do survive then we can watch what happens we you use to much toxic chemicals and unwanted gases.

100WC – Week #13 – Jonathan


 I saw this, thought about my life choices and got into the car with my dog. I brang everything it could fit. (My TV was in the passenger seat, my dog was in the back and all the other stuff was cramped into my small car). 

After a week or so the water level was about to swallow my entire town (as i thought) so I kept driving and driving and driving some more until I found a safe ground.

 When I made it they said “the water level only rise 5 metres  go back home.”

100WC – Week #13 – Kyna

I don’t know what to think but what I know is that all the animals living on them would be in danger since ice caps are ice and ice is made of water then if it melts it would just be water. Who knows some animals might know how to swim and some might and if the animals that don’t know how to swim only live there, then a few minutes of melted ice caps BOOM they are extinct. Same with human´s animals , life could end in minutes.  I would do anything to help animals. I’m a huge animal lover.

100WC – Week #13 – Evelyn

If the ice caps melted completely, most little islands would be flooded! Humans would have to move countries to survive, but I don’t think everyone will make it because planes will fill up very easily. One day earth will be nothing but water. Looks like somehow we should try turning into fish, but that is impossible. One day we will drown because of climate change. For fishermen, fish will be harder to catch because the fish have more room to swim. Scientist will have to figure out how to slow the ice caps from melting. What if it does melt completely  though…

100WC – Week #13 – Trinity

“Hi, I’m a beach house. Living on the beach.” 

“I have one of the most beautiful views, but, dangerous life. As you know I live on the beach and so does the sea, and the sea is perfect except when it’s summer. I love summer because I can see people swimming, having water fights and  playing with water balloons. But my least favorite thing about summer is the sea, me and the sea don’t really get along, cause people build big indestructible walls in front of my face.  So that the waves can’t knock me over.”

In Antarctica and the south pole the ice caps are melting so that penguins and seals are losing their homes all because of summer. 

On the news scientists are trying to invent something to freeze the water that is melting.

But how?