100WC – Week #14 – Trinity

If someone was filming me this is what I would say……

“If we work together we can make a difference, how ‘bout we pick up 5 pieces of rubbish a day. Boom, you just made a difference.”

Lots of people walk past rubbish and just step on it to hear that satisfying *crunch* don’t feel ashamed I’ve done it too. Time to talk.

“Umm Miss Trinity please take a seat.” “What are your thoughts on climate change?”

“Well, my thoughts on climate change are, horrible down in Antarctica the ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising”

“Good good. Uh, what are your ideas about helping climate change?”
“In the cold areas where it’s melting we could build a huge fan and turn it up to maximum power to make it colder.”

“Great, I love your ideas and picking up 5 pieces of rubbish a day.”

100WC – Week #14 – Thomas

“It will one day affect the earth more than you could ever imagine if we don’t act now so come on! Think of your children, us. Do you like swimming in the nice clean sea? Or having a nice clean street to walk down?  Well if we don’t act fast it’s going to change and soon the seas may be just a pool of plastic. The streets where you don’t put your rubbish in the bin will soon become just rubbish and those animals you love will soon be gone at this rate, so come on every little piece of rubbish that is not chucked or go to waste will help the earth much more than you think it would.”

100WC – Week #14 – Morgan-Anne

“Hello, can you please say something for an ad?”The cameraman asked.
“Sure.”I replied nervously.”Use electric cars so you don’t put bad stuff from gas in the air.”
“Maybe you can say something about the ice caps?”He added.
“Sorry, I don’t know much about that.”I replied.
“That’s okay.”He replied.”So there’s someone I can ask.”
Then something popped in my head. I remembered that piece of writing from last year about climate change which is the question he’s asking around. So what about pollution? It’s not as bad as climate change but it’s still bad.

100WC – Week #14 – Maggie

We are the ones that will inherit the earth, and we don’t want to grow up and live in an unhealthy world, so it’s our time to make the change. So all the kids around the world need to start paying attention to what goes on around here. If your parents make the wrong decision, YELL AT THEM!! (Unless it’s actually a good decision) Like if they were to throw stuff in the wheelie bin and not recycle, YELL AT THEM. As a kid none of us really know what this is, SO LEARN!!  We don’t want polluted oceans, or rubbish on the side of the street. We want to be healthy SUPERHEROES. So who’s with me?

100WC – Week #14 – Landen

Hello good Sir, how do you feel about climate change? Well Doctor Phil i have heard that it happens when we drop rubbish. How is it afraid the earth?  Because there’s a hole in the oxen layer that’s getting bigger every time we drop rubbish. 

So how do we save the earth? By sending everyone to space or Donating money to #TeamSeas so they can clean up the sea and beaches or we could just help ourselves. #1adayforthesea if everyone picks up one piece of rubbish a day and there don’t liter then we will have this rubbish Outbreak gone.