100WC – Week #11 – Tyler

The best form of transport is electric, if you’re talking about the environment/our planet. Now, i’m not completely against diesel and petrol, but all i’m saying is that electric is better for the environment. And, if everyone in the WHOLE WORLD turned everything off for 100 days and just stayed home, like i’m talking about everything!, factories, cars, planes, trains, and gas stations, I think you get the point. If you think about it, all this grey smoke is like a giant black wyrm in our world. We don’t want that to happen do we?. You have to think about it, a giant wyrm in OUR WORLD. So don’t go to a completely electric world, just the other massive polluted countries.

100WC – Week #11 – Morgan-Anne

Electric cars would be the best form of transport because it wouldn’t be using gas but at the same time wasting money because electric cars are expensive. Now if we don’t have planes how are we supposed to enjoy the rest of the world? I’ve never traveled. That’s something I want to do but if we don’t have planes how are we going to get there?. Long-distance traveling should not be restricted because if we live an hour and a half away from our work, how are we supposed to get there that’s a long-distance. Long-distance should not be restricted.

100WC – Week #11 – Alice

I think a bus or a train are one of that most conservative modes of transport, not including biking or walking because there is a lot of people on it and most of you are going to the same places so instead of going in your own car go on a bus or a train.  If everyone traveled the shortest way by car I don’t know what the world would become. I don’t think that long-distance travelling should be restricted because people need to go see relatives and people they love.

I think the effect of people not traveling would be riot and arson. People need breaks so let them have breaks. 

100WC – Week #11 – Maggie

There’s your opinion and my opinion, and in this piece of writing I will tell you about my opinion. 

Through my eyes the best way of transport is by car, because, unlike buses and taxis you’re not spreading germs. It’s just a bubble for your family. 

There’s no way to travel that won’t harm the plant, so there’s a few reasons cars can. They can spread petrol, if not in good condition. They can cause crashes, if the driver isn’t concentrating, or it is a slippery road, and you have to pay for petrol. 

Personally, I think long-distance travelling is good, it helps families connect. Long-distance travelling helps a lot, and people would NOT be able to do these things if it were shut down. 

So here’s my opinion on travelling.

100WC – Week #11 – Thomas

I think Electric trains are best because there’s no such thing as traffic on a railway line and these don’t cause as much pollution as cars and are also faster than them most of the time, they also catch amazing scenery. 

Almost all transport causes some sort of harm to the planet. I use a bus to get to school which burns fossil fuels, and a car to go almost  everywhere else.

Long distance travel shouldn’t be restricted. Because instead of 100 people getting in their own car or private jet, they all get in one plane or train or even but this saves fossil fuels and less pollution to the planet. 

People would go crazy if people couldn’t travel. It would be like going backwards in years to me and we would all be back on a camel, horse or our feet though this would be better for our bodies and we would get more exercise.