100WC – Week #11 – Ezra

Transport is the thing that encircles the world, connects everybody together, but at the same time kills every last one of us.

The best form of transport would be an electric scooter or car. It’s fast and does not pollute the world.

My way I travel hurts the world by unleashing a deadly toxin that will destroy the world. It’s a car if you didn’t realize.

I think long distance traveling should be banned, so I can watch people suffer and at the same time watch them jump in joy from saving the planet.

People would be depressed and lonely if we couldn’t travel the world, but I say who cares, at least the world is in a better place.

100WC – Week #11 – Emma

In my opinion the best way to travel is in electric cars because they don’t spread any emissions,  you still get from A to B .  There  are a few cons like you have to wait 2 hours for It to charge. My family gets around by car but cars can harm the environment because they are spreading emissions and in 2025 in NZ everyone will have electric cars. I don’t think long distance traveling should be restricted because we can travel in electric cars or though it takes like 2 hours to charge it so I think we could put playgrounds, shops and entertainment by the car  chargers so people don’t get bored also in NZ when everyone travels to their summer holiday destination I think there should be electric car chargers in the country/ rural area.       

100WC – Week #11 – Amber

 The best form of transport is car’s. Because biking or walking would be slow and you couldn’t get there fast enough and your legs would get tired if you’re biking to Wellington. My way of traveling is by car or camper. This way can affect the planet because the gas is coming from the ground and we might run out of gas to run vehicle’s. 

I think that long distance traveling should not be restricted because if your relative’s are overseas or somewhere else. And you can’t drive anywhere if it’s restricted and people will go crazy because they can’t go out.

100WC – Week #11 – Sophie

 I think the best way of transport is a bus because it costs less than a car because you have to buy petrol for the car and bus tickets are cheaper i think.

I do not think long-distance traveling should not be restricted  because then you can’t go on holiday and that would be dumb. 

You would have to walk and it would drive you insane then when you went grocery shopping you would have to carry all of your food.                 


100WC – Week #11 – Evelyn

Electric cars would be the best form of transport because it uses power, but you still have to fill it with petrol but it’s not as bad as a regular car. Sometimes I might travel in our Rav 4 car which uses just petrol. Most of the time I travel in the electric car, so don’t worry. We shouldn’t have to restrict long- distance travelling, we just need to use electric cars so we don’t harm the environment. If we couldn’t travel on a plane, people wouldn’t be able to travel to other countries. That would be a little upsetting.