100WC – Week #4 – Finn

Ahh. The day, so warm and bright.

Ahh. The Spring, flowers blooming, lambs seeing the sunlight.

Ahh. the autumn, so cool so colorful and the leaves fluttering down.

Ahh. The winter, so cold… yet so fun as the winter sports come to town.

Ahh. The summer – wait for the Summer! No no not the summer. Lakes dry over cows get hungry people in Africa starving for water. No no not summer, the grass dies down. Oh the sunblock smeared on my face. I’ve never seen a river bed so dry! Oh the heat is excruciating I just can’t carry on. No no not summer!

100WC – Week #4 – Landen

I wake up and get out of my bed, then I open the door. It’s so hot and dry I can already feel myself sweating. For the last week my village has been dry, the only way we have not died is because of weekly water delivery from other countries. 

But we have to pay for water from other countries. For the first time in my life I have never seen the river bed so dry. It is because more and more cattle are coming to our island in search of a home. Which means least water for the island.

100WC – Week #4 – Ava

There was a river bed and it had never dried out before.

 When I woke up it was sunny but not sunny enough to make the whole river dry. The whole river bed was dry, cracked. I have never seen the river bed so dry.

 Yesterday I was swimming in it, but now it doesn’t have any water.

 I ran into my parents house and said “the river bed has dried up!.” Then my grandma saw it then our neighbors saw it and in about five seconds the whole town saw it since there are only about 500 people in the whole town, and everyone can see the river outside their bedroom.

There might have been one or two wells. In just a week there was no water in the whole village. There weren’t any close villages that we could get some water from. What were we going to do?

100WC – Week #4 – Jack W

“Hi there”, the news reporter said we are streaming live at one of Africa’s largest rainforest, we’ve just found out that two explorer’s have discovered that the big river has dried up.

“Oh no, Sarah go pack your stuff were going on a road trip”.

We get in the truck and drive to Africa’s largest rainforest,

“dad what are you going to do  when we get there” said Sarah

“I don’t know Sarah,” said dad anyway were here, we get out and go over to the dried up river, I have never seen the river bed so dry, was the world ending…

100WC – Week #4 – Jonathan

One summer I was just at the beach like every summer holiday. But this one was different, it was hotter than usual. So all I wanted to do was swim at the beach.  So me and my family went to the beach and it was all gone. We were all in shock and my mum said “SINCE WHEN” …I have never seen the ocean bed so dry… last time we went to the beach the waves were huge and now it’s all gone. We were all confused. Then suddenly it started to rain yay I hope it doesn’t happen again