100WC – Week #4 – Tania

Wow! I have never seen the river bed so dry I can see cracks in the ground at the bottom. It was terrible. I thought that I could put a hose in the clouds and water would come out but, the hose would be too small,I went back home hoping that rain would come.

 The next day…

It was pouring down with rain. I was happy the river bed would be back in business with water, eels, tiny fish and plants. It would be great.When I went outside I was right it was back in business, The end.

100WC – Week #4 – William C

“Let’s go fishing!” I said with a beaming smile. “We haven’t been there in SOOOOO long so it’ll be OVERFLOWING WITH FISH!!!”

my sister wasn’t up for it, she had never really liked fishing, she only ‘liked’ fishing. As you can tell. Unfortunately she didn’t want to go, so I made her go the hard way ( by pulling her ear all the way there). 


“Okay fine you crybaby.” by the time I’d finished we’d already reached the river…

“Uhh, this is weird, I have never seen the river bed so dry…”

100WC – Week #4 – Sheina

I look up from my creaky bed only to see the land beside the stream so dull and dry, I didn’t know camping out here was that hard! 

I have never seen the river bed so dry” I say to one of the other journalists at the camp

“I know, crazy right!” Lucas says,

“Well we have to do something!” I cheered thinking he’d say something as well, but he just stood there staring at the stream (well the remains of the stream), squinting his eyes at it fiercely, he shot his eyes back at me.

“What’s your plan Sherlock?”  

100WC – Week #4 – Mila

“Lets go Mila or else everyone Is going to park at the best spot,” My mum says “Ill be there soon,”as I get some food. I hop Into the car,  my mum asked “are we ready to go, do we have everything?” 

“Yes we can go I have everything,” and we’re off. I looked out the window seeing  so much birds flying In a form of a v shape. were almost at the cabin but I have never seen the river bed so dry. “How are we going to swim?” I ask,  “I don’t know  hmm”.. My mum says

100WC – Week #4 – Oliver

It was 1930 I was in my bed sleeping until the biggest sandstorm blinded my sight and shut all the windows and doors and went to my creepy old basement and brought my bed……………. 6 yrs later the dust bowl stopped (i was really skinny) and opened the doors and i saw the riverbed and said ¨I have never seen the river bed so dry¨. Then a tornado caught me and threw me at a tree and ¨WHACK¨ I sadly died.