100WC – Week #3 – Emma

Bounce, bounce, bounce I was playing with my basketball on the stained concrete placed in the front of our house, I took a shot PING!!! Oh no! I missed. The ball reluctantly bounced off the backboard and began to roll down the hill. I had to catch up!!! I started to sprint and almost tripped up. We came  to a construction site  the ball sloshed through the cement. OH NO mums gonna kill me. The drenched ball was still rolling. I saw something in the distance, some sort of sculpture made from what look like bones? The ball rolled right through it and the bones on the sculpture stuck to it. Finally it rolled into the public museum and landed right in an open glass container…

100WC – Week #3 – Ezra

I’m stuck in the colony on Jupiter, to protect it from humans. My mum assigned me this job for money. I’ve seen what they do to humans and sometimes aliens when they attack. Trust me you don’t want to mess with aliens.

Our homes we live in, are big fluorescent glass domes, the only life on Jupiter. In the domes there’s gravity and oxygen. Little did humans know we aliens still need oxygen, that’s why we tried to invade earth.

“Hault.” The general shouts. “First watch starts soon, better get some sleep. I’ve got something to deal with.” He grins.