100WC – Week #3 – Harbir

Deep inside area 51. ¨ What is this thing it looks alien,¨

 ¨it is an ancient artifact dropped from outer space.¨ ¨We are still researching this. All we know is that we can’t let it loose. It has been growing bigger as it has been on earth.¨ 

¨ We have had more UFO sightings since. We have luckily explained all the ufos as weather balloons. We move it to a different location for the night.¨ 

At night something weird happens. It starts to grow bigger until it breaks out and it is heading for a city.

100WC – Week #3 – Jack P

I was at the museum with my Mum.  We walked through slowly  There were heaps and heaps of things like a really old tractor and a sword. I know what you are thinking. Those are really different things I just couldn’t think of anything else. Because there are so many things.  At the corner of my eye there was this brown ball of bones.  It was really big, actually it was humongous, it was like the size of the roof.  Maybe I went a bit far, as big as the roof.  You know what I mean, HAVE A GOOD DAY…

100WC – Week #3 – Janelle

Today at school we went to a museum for a school trip.  When we got there me and my friends Kyna, Amelia, Brooke, and Ava saw a big pile of weird things.  Ava said ¨those look like bones.¨ I said ¨No, those look like sculptures in a big pile¨.  We all thought it was something else, and then a woman that works at the museum came up to us slowly.  Turns out the woman has been working here for 39 years.  She said slowly ¨those are dinosaur bones¨.  We all freaked out because we thought dinosaurs didn’t exist ANYMORE.

100WC – Week #3 – Leo

Creek the old bones fall off trees. I see Ox bones and I see an old crumbled down tree. I stumbled and fell I cut myself on some bones suddenly. An oxe appears but one made of bones. I stumble up a tree to get away, I keep on pinching myself, with a stick then I wake up. I thought it was a dream. Crack I got out to see what was happening. My back looked like it was painted red and pale stripes. Splosh Splosh I heard  something drinking it was an Ox but it was it was sk…in… le..ss

100WC – Week #3 – Carter

When we walked inside the museum the first thing I saw was a pile of transformation clay. I stare at it, then it changes to a carter car and says   Carter How do you know my name? I reply it changes into a smiley face and laughs.

The glass was lifted up by some of it and shattered on the ground. It jumps at me and I tumble onto the hard tile floor. It grabs how I feel all boney and hard. It yells security and laughs up through the roof window crash!