100WC – Week #2 – Oliver

Today was a washing day on my sticky calendar. So I loaded all my  white washing into the washy hole (the washing machine). I turned it on and put in the laundry powder and I started it then a lot of velocity and speed went around and around it opened the big washy hole. It sucked me in and I went to a magical place like Alice in wonderland. There were a lot of phoenixes and a lot of half man half horse. And phoenixes with arms and legs. and it was all a dream.

100WC – Week #2 – Olivia

In a dark place with gunshots and lots of cannons, I lay very cold and quiet. I roll over and dig through out my bag in search of my calendar. I pull out a very minuscule amount of money I put it back in.Finally I pull my calendar out, but it’s covered in white sticky washing tape. I stop and look and what day it is.

The next day…

I awoke in a dull and cold trench. 

¨Is anyone there?¨ I said with shivers up and down my spine.

I couldn’t see anyone so I stood up…….


100WC – Week #2 – Ruby

SPLAT!!! White paint went everywhere! All over my calendar, all over the clean washing, all over everything, including me. I didn’t know what to do. My parents would be home any minute! I panicked. I scrubbed everywhere, desperate for this sticky mess to disappear. I hope it does. Even the minuscule splotches of paint they would notice. This was a whole bunch of nightmares joined together. I decided to just give up. I would never get this finished in time. I could imagine my parents shouting at me because of this mess. VROOM!!!  A car pulled up in the driveway…

100WC – Week #2 – Sheina

“Mums coming home soon clean the house! NOW!” Lucas shouted to Lily checking the calendar,

“FINE!” she replied, they began to clean the house as fast as they could. Lily grabs the washing and screams at the top of her lungs “AHHHHHH!!!” 

Lucas dashes down the stairs and shouts “WHAT IS IT!” 

“I- I- Its… hmm I don’t know?!” She stuttered, something white and sticky was laying on the floor, 

“Seriously Lily!” he sulks “That is so tiny! Miniscule even!”

“Sorry! Ugh” she sounded annoyed, but then something broke the silence… “I’M HOME!” their mom said walking through the door.

100WC – Week #2 – Tania

It looked like a big CALENDAR STICKY WHITE MINUSCULE WASHING monster “OOOOOOO” it replied I was scared as. I tried to find a way out, all I could feel was my hard bedroom wall then I got to the doorknob, I tried to open it but it was locked. 

I screamed “AHHHHHHHHHH!…” I ran around the weird monster. 

It looked like it was going to eat me. It had a big mouth but it was still minuscule.

 My friend came over for a play she entered my room then ate me.

“AHHHHHH! But nice story” yelled Ruby “thanks”I replied.

“OOOOOOOOOO” What was that?” asked Ruby  “I don’t know”.