100WC – Week #2 – Jack P

I was happily on my playstation then Mum said “Get off you have got your chores.  Washing to be folded, floors to be mopped and rooms to be tidied. I heard her “grumpy” voice and I quickly went to my room. It looked like a pig sty.  I finished it, picking up the miniscule bits of  white paper under my bed.  My next job was mopping.  I filled the bucket with water and floor cleaner. It smelt like pine trees.  I began to mop. The floor felt  sticky. When done I marked my chores on the calendar with a tick. 

100WC – Week #2 – Janelle

One day I had a dream during a sleepover. And it was about a minuscule white sticky calendar washing my friends’ laundry.  I was shocked because of how tiny it was. I was about to pick it up until I woke up and realized it was just a dream. I told Gabby to quietly wake  up and I told her what happened and she did not believe me. She said ¨you said you never have nightmares¨. ¨ Well that was true but only sometimes I have nightmares¨, I said to Gabby. She went back to sleep while I’m awake, scared.

100WC – Week #2 – Jovan

So today I woke up, looked at the calendar and went to the kitchen. Then I see some white sticky stuff on the counter, then the white sticky stuff moves but I just ignore it and do the washing. Then I walk back in the kitchen and I see that the white sticky stuff has spread, and it’s spreading even more and it’s getting faster so I get out of the house. Then I see the white sticky stuff consume my whole house and turn it minuscule. And that’s how I got the world record for the worlds smallest house.

100WC – Week #2 – Leo

I stare at my washing spinning around. I saw my white jeans spinning and spinning around than ding. I put them on and everything became big. I Start to turn minuscule then the door opens its my mom with a calendar. she wacks  it at me twice than faints. I fly, wait what. I see that I have wings and a tail and I spit fire and for some reason I spit fire. And I spit fire. And I spit fire.  I started to fly until this sticky substance grabs me. I tug but I’m stuck, slowly, I sink into the substance.

100WC – Week #2 – Mila

¨WHY IS MY CALENDAR STICKY, WAS IT YOU TATE¨? My brothers reply was useless he wouldn’t talk. After that,  I went to get some white chocolate, I ate 2 pieces of it, then put It back. but my brother had found my stash and ate It all not offering me one.

I was going to go outside, but I changed my mind and instead I just went for a walk. On my way there I saw very minuscule objects, I could hardly even see it though so I had no suspicion of It. Why Is there washing on the floor?