100WC – Week #2 – Eveana

Hello I’m Eveana and well….      I may have accidentally spilled my drink on my  new white shirt

I try rub it off but is useless , also sticky I run too the laundry room and quickly take it off and put it in the washing machine while that in the washing machine I put another shirt on and wait. As soon as it stoops I quickly take it out and look at it it’s minuscule!?!

 I run to my room tripping over but getting back up I look at the calendar I don’t use it but anyway it’s Monday tomorrow!?! NOO!!!

100WC – Week #2 – Jonathan

 I woke up and looked at my calendar. It was wednesday I got breakfast and my frosted flakes seemed sticky. It was weird. Also it was white like it was poisoned or something. I went to school and there was a poisonous bug on the floor but you could barely see it. It was minuscule and it went to the washing machine. I was like what so I went to bed.  I say that was a weird day. I’m going to call it a calendar sticky white  minuscule washing.      

100WC – Week #2 – Hannah A

As we were doing calendar art I was doing pastel,and it was sticky and it turned out to be minuscule so I had to do it harder and that didn’t work so I had to do little circles. After I had finished I washed my hands and it wouldn’t come off so I kept on washing my hands. But my hands turned white I freaked out but they went back to normal color and I was relieved. I took a big deap breath and I felt stupid but it is what is and my freinds started laughing at me.

100WC – Week #2 – Thomas

I´m stuck in a minuscule hole and can’t get out, it is hidden behind a white rock. Something sticky hits me and before I know it I am completely covered. I ask myself, what is this stuff? it is as sticky as honey so after wiping some off, I realise a hole has been uncovered and I am free to go back to my home. Well that is what I thought until more junk comes at me including some dirty washing and a soggy calendar all ripped up. This just isn’t fair so I use the new hole I found and swim upwards then I realise that this is not just junk

100WC – Week #2 – Maggie

I went to get my washing out of the washing machine and all my clothes had shrunk to a minuscule size. If that wasn’t bad enough I must have spilt bleach or something on it, because everything was white. 

Then I remembered that I have a party this week. So I went to the calendar to see the date, but the calendar was so sticky I could not flip the pages. Then I hear a bang and look behind me and see that EVERYTHING had fallen out of the fridge. So there was all the old food I never bothered to take out.