100WC – Week #2 – Dominika

I look at my calendar, todays the day.

I burst open the door and feel the wind in my face, “yes its hurricane day” I respond happily  “wait why am I opening the door.” I slam the white door and run to the hallway by the room that says weather fans only. As I open the door I remember the sticky spray I put on the door, it’s like the doorknob sneezed on me. “mm” the smell of the dirty washing made me dream suddenly I realised the storm had stopped “dam it, it was only a minuscule storm.”

100WC – Week #2 – Finn

I slouch home wishing I was less of a mistake. It’s friday 24 of december christmas eve or so the calendar says. Someone pranked me and poured freezing, cold, sticky, slime,all over me. My sister  makes me do all the chores, even the washing, though I can’t even reach the lines. 

Well I guess that’s life, (for me) ¨groan¨ ¨I just wish I was someone else! I shout¨ but weirdly no one’s head turns to look at me. They don’t even realize iv´e shouted and for some reason no one gives me nasty glances. Then I realise everything’s so tall!. Then it hits me I’m minuscule!. I look up and I see a black boot coming down! Then jet white.  

100WC – Week #2 – Landen

Today is the day That i do the WASHING, I’m joking!!! I hung up my STICKY WHITE MINUSCULE CALENDAR for a whole 10 minutes.  I was loving life, Oh wait sorry i didn’t tell you But today is my first game as a professional footballer .

I was feeling so good after I got the call up last week to play my first game in a Wellington Phoenix Jersey. (8 Hours later) 5:40. Where getting on the bus to head to the studium, 

Btw it’s 6:20PM, Well we just got off the bus. Well this is it

100WC – Week #2 – Ava

 I fell asleep while I was doing the WASHING when I took them out. They were completely WHITE. Just because of one MINUSCULE  thing it had turned all white. It was so surprising. I went back to my apartment and the CALENDAR was on the floor. 

I tried to put it on the wall  but it stuck in my hand. 

It was so STICKY I couldn’t get it off my hand so I walked and  it caught on something and it ripped off and I didn’t even notice then when I was going to sleep I noticed it wasn’t there,  “was I dreaming?”

100WC – Week #2 – Jack W

When I was on patrol I was walking by a pillar box as it started to talk, “hello” I said in a frightened voice, “anyone there?” I say, still frightened

“Hello son” said the pillarbox, take the white calendar out of the box for me then stick it to your wall

“Okay, where is it though I can’t see it at all” I say 

“It is on the top” he said 

“Yep I got it, okay let’s go” I say, I get in the patrol car and zoom home. 

I kick the door open then stick the calendar to the wall as something starts to come out of it…