100WC – Week #1 – Kruz

Today will be the lucky mother Mrs Bookerson. “Bla bla bla”said bob “how dare you bob your mother worked so hard on that your grounded”   “sure better than watching this garbage”

“If you’re wondering what’s going on Mrs Bookerson loves books she wants her son Bob to love books too. But Mrs Bookerson is like so, what will I write on this page but Bob is all like pow pow pow on his video games and they fight. lots. Back to the story.” “I’ve got everything: video game snacks ,video game snacks, video game snacks and video game snacks.”

100WC – Week #1 – Leo

“No No No You’re not getting a turn on my skateboard.”

 Waaaaa he cries “fine”. He snatches my skateboard and goes down the hill. I shout at him “you’re bad” then he picks up my skateboard and throws it into the ditch.

Crack I ran over, pushed him onto the gravel and went into the ditch waaaaaa. He broke my skateboard when we come back into the cabin I tell mum he broke my skateboard

Mum says “ It’s an accident” “it’s not”, I cry “fine so what am I going to write on this page” “’skateboard” I said. “Yes Yes”

100WC – Week #1 – Amelia

So what will I write on this page? Maybe a story about adventure, maybe a creepy story. Maybe this story is about being in lookdown, being at home bored with no friends . Maybe in level 3 with your friend but you can’t go near. Them or touch them naa i will save this one for another day .When we are out of lookdown. So what should I put insed a weird story, a fairy tale, maybe something cool. maybe something with a dragon that breathes  fire or maybe something sci-fi or action or maybe .       

100WC – Week #1 – Bayley

So, what will I write on this page? Ahh I know what I’ll write, I’ll write a story about how long it takes to make the backgrounds in movies and stuff so let’s get started. if you are a animator you’ll know that it takes years to make one single background ,so when you think that some movies copied others like when the boy in the jungle book and winnie the pooh through the stone they look the same don’t they, but disney owns that background so they can do whatever they want with it so, it’s not plagiarism even if you think it is its not.

100WC – Week #1 – Brooke

”Alright class, today you are going to write a book about covid if you could please make it a chapter book.” Okay so the first chapter will be about the time to prep before covid then, in lockdown and finally how it feels to be back at school . Okay so the title will be lockdown and the first chapter is finally done so, what will I write on this page? Let me look at my plan so I know what to write . oh yeah its lockdown okay let’s get started “okay class it time for brain break so pack up now  “