100WC – Week #1 – Oliver

The magical world of books…

The magical world of books is a special place to get into

You can be in the world of captain hook .

You can be a pet with a wizard that is a lizard 

So, what will I write on this page… hmmmm.

You can be a book that will  never age or you can be anything you want to with your imagination and be in the magical world of books.

You can be a magical phoenix that can make honey  for winnie the pooh’s ¨hunny¨

You can be a space ranger that you can fly.

100WC – Week #1 – Olivia

I’m writing a 100WC but don’t know what to put. It’s been so easy all the other weeks but… 

Someone just cut me off.

¨Hello¨ says one of my teachers. 

¨UMMMMMM¨ I say with a shiver going up and down my spine.

¨Are you struggling with writing¨ she says calmly.

¨Um yes I am, in fact do you have any idea of how to write this¨ I say.

The teacher showed me some useful ideaś that I myself would use a lot in my past writing.

¨So,what will I write on this page¨ I say with an unfamiliar voice.

100WC – Week #1 – William C

*silently writing* 

“Well, that’s another page done, *sigh* I wonder when the book will be complete, probably take forever.” As I thought to myself I wondered what to write next.

So, what will I write on this page?”

Then, just suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I saw something moving. I turned to see what it was and I was flabbergasted when I saw this weird, alien-like creature on the floor. Well, it wasn’t really a creature, more of a sludge.

As I moved in to get a closer look at the creature, it just suddenly. disappeared…

100WC – Week #1 – Mila

Once upon a time, ¨hmm no thats weird, maybe There Once, yea that will do.¨ There once was a girl who lived In the woods all by herself alone and scared. ¨Ok that page Is done so, what will I write on this page. Maybe she went Into a world with all the stuff that you would need. No thats way to random.¨ The Person said In their head. 

¨Maybe I could do one about me! Maybe she was found a big city, lost and alone! That would sound cool! Theres one thing that I don’t¨-

100WC – Week #1 – Hannah F

“You do realise that this one particular scroll can change the past, present and future with a few words, right? This particular scroll can do as little as make you dance the conga, or it can do as much as bringing the Black Plague to England again. So, what will I write on this page?

I began to tremble in fear. The scroll in his clawed hands could end the entire country of England, with a couple words. He could force the Queen to be a slave. The possibilities were endless!

I don’t mean that as a good thing either.