100WC Special Prompt #7 – Cameron

I was Confused, the police officer had just tried to arrest me for something, something strange. He had told me that I had broken a promise, a promise of unity. I was now sprinting away from the police car and accidentally tripped on a sharp stone, (ouch). I hastily got up and limped to the nearest building. To my surprise I saw a skeleton, and another. I then realised that there were skeletons everywhere. I looked at them, horrified. What was this, confusion was buzzing and I remembered something, I remembered who I was, I was a skeleton, I was Skulduggery Pleasant.

100WC Special Prompt #7 – Allison

Running up the stairs with a thought in my mind, then I told myself “they must be fighting for a reason, they won’t be breaking up will they”.

I was so confused, all of a sudden I heard my name being called “Allison, can you please come down stairs to the living room”. I came down stairs.

“What?” I said, shivering.

“Me and your father are getting a divorce” she said in a whimpering voice, “And none of us two can take care of you so we are putting you up for adoption”said my dad in a……………..happy voice?